5.1.0 (8 Sept 2020)

  • Python 3.8 support.

Thanks to 5.0.0 (30 May 2018) ——————-

  • Python 3 support

  • Renaming the modules within the mailinglogger package to have sane capitalisation.

Thanks to Max Shepherd for breaking the back of the Python 3 work.

4.0.0 (26 Jan 2018)

  • Drop Zope and Plone support

  • Drop ZConfig support

  • Removed the deprecated ignore parameter to MailingLogger and SummarisingLogger. Use filter objects instead.

  • Move from zope.testrunner to pytest for running tests.

  • Switch from manuel to sybil for checking examples in documentation.

  • Moved from buildout to virtualenv for development.

  • Gracefully handle bugs elsewhere that call SummarisingLogger.close() more than once in a multi-threaded or multi-process environment.

3.8.0 (27 Jan 2014)

  • Implemented flood limiting in SummarisingLogger to prevent overly large emails being sent.

3.7.0 (18 Jan 2012)

  • Added the ability to wrap the body of emails sent in a template.

  • Added documentation and tools for the sending of HTML emails.

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in a unicode error when sending emails after a unicode message was logged.

3.6.1 (20 Dec 2011)

  • Handle the situation where the temporary file used by a SummarisingLogger is deleted from underneath it.

3.6.0 (24 Nov 2011)

  • Add support for including messages logged at a lower level in a summary email but only triggering the sending of that email when a message at a higher level is logged when using SummarisingLogger.

3.5.0 (23 Sep 2011)

  • Add X-Log-Level header to emails sent. For MailingLogger, this is the level of the log message being emailed. For SummarisingLogger this is the highest level of any of the messages handled.

3.4.1 (22 Aug 2011)

  • Fix distribution to include missing files lost through move to Git.

3.4.0 (17 Aug 2011)

  • Convert documentation to use Sphinx.

  • Convert tests to use testfixures and manuel.

  • Drop support for “Zope 3”.

3.3.3 (2 Jun 2010)

  • Let the tests also pass in non GMT timezones.

Thanks to Christian Zagrodnick for these changes.

3.3.2 (27 Apr 2010)

  • Ignores are processed on the interpolated error message.

  • Check for empty error messages is done on the interpolated error message which in all cases is a string.

Thanks to Christian Zagrodnick for these changes.

3.3.1 (12 Dec 2008)

  • Fix bug that occurred when subject format used %(asctime)s

3.3.0 (11 Dec 2008)

  • Tweak installation documentation

  • Add specific test runners for ZConfig, Zope 2 and Zope 3 support

  • %(levelname)s in the subject of a SummarisingLogger summary is now the highest level message handled by that logger

  • Add support for specifying additional headers to the mails sent

3.2.2 (4 Nov 2008)

  • Removed hard dependency on ZConfig

  • Moved to zc.buildout-based development model

  • Fix some doctests for newer versions of zope.testing

3.2.1 (14 Aug 2007)

  • Fixed egg distribution.

3.2.0 (31 Jul 2007)

  • Added support for log entry filtering.

Thanks to Jens Vagelpohl for the work which was funded by Campux GmbH.

3.1.0 (18 May 2007)

  • Added support for SMTP servers that require authentication.

3.0.0 (9 May 2007)

  • Restructured to be used as a python package instead of a Zope Product.

  • Added comprehensive documentation and tests.

  • Added support for use ZConfig.

  • Added support for configuration in both Zope 3 and Zope 2.

  • Added support for disutils installation and for egg distribution.

2.5.0 (5 Oct 2005)

  • Added compatability for Zope 2.8.x+ at the expense of now being incompatible with Zope 2.7.x.

  • Fixed bug in flood protection that often meant no more mail was ever sent after midnight on the day when the flood protection was triggered.

  • Correct X-Mailer header which was set with a trailing newline which broke any further headers that were set.

  • A date header is now set on all emails sent.

2.4.0 (13 May 2005)

  • Added sending of X-Mailer header with all emails.

  • Added %(hostname)s for use in subject format.

  • Fixed bug preventing use of summarising logger introduced in 2.3.0.

2.3.0 (25 Jan 2005)

  • Added the ability to limit the number of emails sent per hour.

2.2.0 (13 Oct 2004)

  • Added ability to mute empty log entries

2.1.0 (11 Oct 2004)

  • Added summarising logger functionality

2.0.1 (1 Aug 2004)

  • Corrected documentation

  • Fixed bug that caused the subject to include tracebacks, which created a broken mail message.

2.0.0 (28 Jul 2004)

  • Re-write for Zope 2.7


  • Fixed python 1.5 incompatability.


  • Initial Release